The Sellinger Quilt (The Gate of Yu)THE SELLINGER QUILT (THE GATE OF YU)
64 inches wide x 72 inches long
Not for Sale

Mark Lee Photography, Inc.

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“On a building glass
has lighted, and now asleep,
a dragonfly, my”

Buson Revisited

Dragonfly and Koi live today on the front and back of the Sellinger Quilt, Insect, fish, and school speak an international language of beauty and endurance. Legend claims that dragonflies live but a day while Koi span 200 years. Days and years on end they hover over and within the lily ponds of Kyoto and Maryland. This enduring beauty, be it a moment or century, is the call of Sellinger to its students: make beauty your business in a world wider than waters.

The Charles Street entrance of Sellinger Hall like a floating ship welcomes those who come to campus. The quilt adopts the floating quality of the school’s architecture in this harbor city of Baltimore. Pearl windows make steel glide into a salmon and soft blue sky. Maroon wood and trees of puffed green leaves lighten brown stone so that strength and gentleness play against one another.

A business school which looks to serve a global community is captured in marbled fabric overdyed in Cork, in bleached-out clouds given through a technique learned in Bali. Architectural fabric from Annapolis’s seaport and “tranquility” binding from Xi’an come together in harmony. Backside colors of light and dark Nara blue offer the water and sky for orange-red Koi from nearby Kyoto. Hopefully, the many parts from many parts invite viewers and students to enter and serve a world larger than the sum of all its parts.

And so as we started with legend let us end with legend. There is an ancient Chinese tale that, on the third day of the third month, when the peach trees are in flower, rigorous Koi that could scale the Gate of Yu’s three-tiered waterfall would become flying dragons. The hearty becomes bearers of enduring beauty. May you join their number visitor and student of the Sellinger School.

Courtesy of: Loyola College in Maryland
The Sellinger School of Business and Management

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