Masks: The Living DeadMASKS: THE LIVING DEAD
35 inches wide x 38 inches long
Not for Sale


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In West African cultures there are the Spirits and there are the Living Dead. The Living Dead are those whom we remember through their deeds and through their families. These we still love and welcome to participate in our celebrations. The Spirits, however, have slipped out of our memory; we no longer know them and so we fear them.

These masks are meant to do one of two things: to scare off Spirits who do not choose to join us or to make smile those Spirits who want to reenter our memory and join us in life’s celebration. To these remembered-again Spirits we will trust our dreams and ask them to protect and nurture our hopes for those students who venture out to new lands across the world.

Courtesy of: Loyola College In Maryland
Office of International Programs

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